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We are offering 50% OFF to everyone until July 4th. All veteranslong-term disability individuals, and low-income American citizens may apply to receive 50% off full-price retail orders.

The New Higher Industry Standard

Terpen™ built a loyal customer base by using high quality ingredients to make higher quality products — at affordable prices (as low as $0.04/mg).

Terpen™ is all natural and made with beneficial cannabinoids, vitamins, and aminos.

We support consumer transparency & truthfulness with 3rd party lab reports on every product page.

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a Biotechnology Research & Development Company

Founded in 2017, Terpen™ develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes a wide range of beauty, health & wellness products.

In 2019, our scientific research in natural phyto extracts, led us to develop products using proprietary nanoenhanced technology for maximum bioavailability and/or pharmacokinetics.

Our vision is to educate consumers and promote wellness products — to help people live healthier and happier lives.


Your prices on CBD products are the lowest I have ever seen online for legit tested product. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Michael L

CBDOilUsers.com Zero THC CBD Oil Drops Price Comparison on TERPEN's 2500mg Tincture was 3rd at $0.0439 per Milligram. #1 was $0.041 per Milligram. But you use organic ingredients! Im sold!

John C

I couldn't believe how much CBD you put in your products until I had it tested at my work, a lab. You won a customer for life.

Marlyn R

I love that your massage oil is made for sensitive skin. It also has a great glide and a little goes a long way.

Liz R

Your muscle gel is awesome! I use it on my sore shoulders after workouts and really enjoy the tingling sensation from the menthol. Great product!

Alex M

I can't believe your hemp lotion is made with so many organic ingredients. It smells and feels very high quality. Thanks!

Elia D

My ankles hurt, and your roll-on was the best relief I could find for the price. 

Mike O

I noticed your products on instagram and ordered right away. So far so good! Going to recommend to my friends.

Ashley D.



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