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Custom Formulation

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  • A Custom Formulation is a variation of a product available for white-label customers only. Examples of variations include:

    1. Change in concentrate
    2. Change in packaging
    3. Change in flavor or intensity of flavor
    4. Change in carrier
    5. Additional ingredient added


    Step 1 – Fill Out the Form Below

    In the “Comments” section, include as much information as possible about the product you are looking for, including ingredients, content, packaging, and the desired order size. A member of our sales team will contact you shortly.

    Step 2 – Receive a Quote

    If you provided all of the requested information in the “Comments” section of the form below, we will send you a quote. If more information is required, we will send an email requesting missing information. A lead time will be included in the quote conditional on the timely receipt of ingredients/materials from the customer. 

    Step 3 – If necessary, you send us materials/ingredients

    If the price we have quoted you is agreeable to you and you would like to proceed, you will be required to send us any ingredients or materials that we do not carry as part of our regular inventory. Please send ingredients via email

    Step 4 – We formulate a sample and ship it to you

    If you are unhappy with your sample, we will make the necessary adjustments and send more samples.

    Step 5 – Customer Places Order

    Email orders 

    Step 6 – We send you an invoice, 50% of which is due on receipt

    Formulation begins as soon as down payment is received.

    Step 7 – Product is formulated

    Step 8 – Sample sent to lab for testing

    Your invoice will include a $750 lab test for each SKU. Lead time 7-8 business days, but this process can be expedited if the customer pays for expedited shipping or lab testing.

    Step 9 – We receive lab results and forward them to the customer

    This will take place 8-10 business days after 50% down payment is made.

    Step 10 – Second half of invoice is due

    Step 11 – Order shipped to customer

    We send a tracking number and offer Free Shipping!


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