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Custom Scenting

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Your product will enter development and testing in the lab, where depending on your project needs, cost and prototype quantities will vary.

What are some of your common product development or modification fees?

  • Scenting a stock product at a set percentage: $100 scenting fee in addition to product and scenting oil cost.

  • Scenting a stock product with 3 prototypes at light, medium, and heavy scenting rates: $399.

  • Semi-Custom Formulation (3 rounds in the lab) making 1-3 “simple” ingredient adjustments in an existing stock product: $975.

  • Full Custom Formulation (5 rounds in the lab) making 1-5 from-scratch prototypes to have exactly what you want. Custom formulation services start at $4,200.

What is the topicals production minimum requirement for market testing for new clients?

The low testing production minimum requirements on topicals is 10 gallons [2x5 gallon pails] (or 1,280 ounces) of product, regardless of the size of your packaged units. (ie, create custom cream and you fill into retail packaging approximately 320 x 4 oz jars depending on fill weight. We can fill your bottles/jars for you for an additional manufacturing fee.)

Do you have a minimum order quantity or minimum purchase order amount for finished products?

Yes, the minimum order quantity is 1,000 of each SKU/Flavor and/or the minimum purchase order that we will accept is $20,000. You’ll easily reach this on small production runs, but we can always work something out.

What items make up the total purchase order amount?

The minimum purchase order amount includes raw materials, active ingredients, packaging, labeling, etc. We can handle all procurement, supply, logistics.

Do you require a deposit to get started on our custom or private label products?

After receiving a signed mutual NDA and a co-packing agreement, a 50% deposit is required to start formulations. The remaining 50% deposit will be required toward production when your products are ready to be manufactured. All custom orders require payment upfront. All payments must be made via wire transfer only.

Do you offer different bottling and packaging options, and can we provide our own bottles?

We offer a variety of packaging options, but you may provide your own bottles and packaging as long as our equipment is capable of processing it.


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